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The English Beat’s Official Website!

Hello and welcome to The English Beat’s Official Website!This site combines all of the great content from our two previous, separate sites, and, into one mega-ska site devoted to providing you all the new, views, and info you need on one of the greatest ska bands of all times —
The English Beat!

The staff from both sites would like to thank the band and the fans for all their love and support over the years, and let you know we’re very excited to provide this new site for your viewing and listening pleasure!!

As before, this site will chronicle the past, present and future of The English Beat and band member’s other projects, and its intended as a resource and gift to all of the fans — past, present and future.

You’re sure to find answers to all your questions about your favorite ska band here, so come forward and enjoy the web Beat-style – hip hip hooray!

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