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4 Star Review from Prestigious MOJO Magazine for “Here We Go Love”!

Hey Beat fans,

Cor blimey, we’re happy to share the wonderful news that we’ve just received! In the upcoming issue of MOJO magazine there’s a review of our new album HERE WE GO LOVE!

We are simply stunned with this lovely 4 STAR 🌟🌟🌟🌟 REVIEW for our new album “Here We Go Love” and high praise for our first single “How Can You Stand There“, which has been in heavy rotation on BBC Radio 2, where are have currently moved up to the “B Playlist”! We’ll be playing the BBC Radio 2 Biggest Weekend on 26th May!!

We are so very happy folx are enjoy these songs we laboured so hard on! Thank you all for your support, from our ❤️ to your ❤️, MUCH LOVE!

Read the full review from eloquent MOJO writer Lois Wilson below and in MOJO Magazine, at newsagents this week!!

We hope to see you when we’re out there on tour!


The Beat

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