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Beat Cancer – Specialized 2 album drops soon!

Hey Beat fans, I wanted to turn you on to a wonderful new album coming your way from The Beat and Specialized, with proceeds going to combat teen cancer. You may recall when we first mentioned the Specialized effort with the release of the first album back in 2012 (

Well they are back at it again, and this time the charity album focuses on the music of THE BEAT! With the release of SPECIALIZED II – BEAT TEENAGE CANCER all money raised will go to Teenage Cancer Trust.


“Music has always had a healing aspect, and 2-Tone a bit more than most, as it was designed to bring people together. These songs have been a big part of my life, and I am honoured that they could be of use to the Specialized project… a wonderful opportunity to assist a worthy cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and remember, when we help others, we help ourselves…one hand wash the other!”

You can see the full press release here: BEAT CANCER!

You can check out the appeal’s Facebook page here: Facebook: Specialized 2

Lastly, you can check out the charity’s website here: Specialized – Beat Teenage Cancer

Thanks for listening and cool runnings, rastas.

The Beat

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