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DFW Comments on Thatcher’s Death

Lead Singer Dave Wakeling commented in detail on the event of Mrs. Thatcher’s death in an article recently published in The Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, and you can read the full thing via the link below:

‘Stand Down Margaret’: English Beat’s Dave Wakeling Reflects on Anti-Thatcher Anthem

The American perspective of Margaret Thatcher, certainly from a foreign policy point of view, was that she was a trusted ally — of Ronald Reagan’s in particular — and did a pretty good job at it. And there’s an argument there.

But what most Americans didn’t see was the complete dismantling of towns and villages, of people’s lives being cut short and then cutting their own lives short because they thought, like the Sex Pistols said, that there was no future. That time signaled a breaking of the English spirit, where people who used to have each other’s back, and used to talk to strangers — Thatcher turned neighbors into competitors.

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One thought on “DFW Comments on Thatcher’s Death

  1. At the concert last night (4.13.13) at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Dave and the band did “Whine and Grine/Stand Down Margaret” and he ended it with a touching and classy “RIP Margaret”.
    BTW the concert was AWESOME, as always.©2012-2016//©2000-2016
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