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Farewell to My Precious One, Jasmine

Hey Beat fans & internet searchers,

JasmineI wanted to take this opportunity to memorialize the passing of my precious baby Russian Blue kitty, Jasmine. She was a dear sweet companion for 19 years, and she was nothing short of amazing! Jasmine came into my life at a difficult time for me, and provided the love and support I needed, and continued to do so every day for the rest of her life.

Her passing was a bit of a shock, as she had seemed to be in a stable condition, but at the end of the day she was very old for a kitty and she simply died of natural causes. There was nothing we could do to prevent it; it was her time and no one can escape that, no matter how much we want our loved ones to be exempt.

Jasmine was always there for me, she traveled the world with me, and she was my constant companion for two decades! She had become so much a part of me that losing her felt like losing a part of myself. But I know she loved me dearly and would want me to carry on and be happy and remember her with fond loving memories, and not be sad at her passing, but instead happy at all the time we shared together.

Jasmine was with me, sitting right beside me, for the past two decades as I have worked with The Beat. Without her I could not have continued to do what I do for the fans, and her happy purr putting me in a good mood was probably responsible for more than a few of you getting guest list passes out of the blue!

The unconditional love she gave me truly opened the doors of my heart and I will miss her every day to come, and be thankful that I had the chance to love her.

So again, I ask you all: if you can, please spare a thought, say a prayer or raise a glass to Jasmine!

These are my archived Twitter posts about the passing of my baby Jasmine:

Thank you for taking the time to read this memorial.

The Beat

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