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Happy Skalidays from The English Beat!!

Hey Beat fans,

Just wanted to drop a little Skaliday cheer in your laps this year, as it has been a rough one, eh? I think most of us cannot wait to see the backside of 2016..

And I hear from some of you that you are down this season, but I wanted to remind you that no matter how dark times may seem, that there is always light in the darkness, and that light is LOVE!!

Whether its the love of your family, your partner, your pets, your friends, your co-workers, passion for your job, love of your art, MUSIC!!!, your favourite television programme (#Supernatural #Goldbergs) or cinema hits (#StarWars #RogueOne!!) or simply the love of LIFE itself, we’ve all got something to be thankful and happy about this holiday season, if we just open our eyes and look around.

Don’t let the bastards grind ya down, as we like to say around here!!

And to help you get happy and make merry this holiday season, Mr. Wakeling and the lads at our special North Pole research facility and recording studio whipped up a little English Beat #SKALIDAY Playlist on Spotify just for you!!

We hope you enjoy it, that it brings a smile to your lips & a shimmy to your hips!!



The Beat

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