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Holly G! School Bites: Independent Study Kickstarter Campaign

Hey Beat Fans,

If you like Holly G! artwork featured on our site and our fliers (Rough Rider, the Modern Beat Girl, Scooter Baby Beat, Baby Dave, and lets not forget about the great color work on Dave as Thor), then we’re sure you know all of that artwork comes from our lovely friend Holly Golightly.

Holly has started a Kickstarter project. We know a lot of you know who she is and like her work. If you don’t already know, well then now is the perfect time for you get familiar with her work!

School Bites: Independent Studies!
This is a fun, feisty manga that follows a fledgling vamp, Cherri Creeper, to a school for Vampires where she can learn to drink responsibly!

A note from Holly: “The main character’s heart throb was partially inspired by Dave himself!”

So go on and check it out now!!!

Direct link:


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One thought on “Holly G! School Bites: Independent Study Kickstarter Campaign

  1. Thanx SirLou!
    And not to mention that the Main Character’s Heart Throb is partly inspired by Dave himself…especially his singing voice!!
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