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More live shows being posted!

Hey Beat fans,

We are happy to report that we are booking more live shows here in our home State of California, as the post-pandemic world begins to open up again. We’ve just added an appearance at the Beach Life Festival to our tour dates!!

Looking forward to seeing you at a show! Until then take care!

The Beat

2 thoughts on “More live shows being posted!

  1. Mr wakeling, I’ve enjoyed your group since 1981, my son is autistic and likes your music as well, I was wondering the next time you perform at the belly up could he possibly be on stage with you for a song he would love it. He’s like a rain an of music and I’m amazed at all the songs he knows

  2. Not sure about fans on stage at present, with the various restrictions and such still in place. Would love to make this happen later on, praps when things have eased more. All the best!
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