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  2. Will the UK versions play in the USA? Especially the DVD, is it all regions?

    • Yes, these discs WILL play in US players. I asked the label and got a response directly from the person responsible for these packages. He told me to make them as universal as possible, Demon/Edsel have made these Beat DVDs Region 0 (i.e. all regions) and NTSC. He tells me the majority of PAL players, happily play NTSC discs. So they play everywhere!!,p.

  3. Is there going to be a vinyl release as well? Thought I saw it mentioned somewhere but now can;t seem to find mention of it

    • I asked Dave and he said their might be some vinyl forthcoming. I’m asking the labels for more info and will post when I get it, along with images, if any.


  4. Looking good, my friends! (those martinis are looking good, too! xx

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  6. Knowledgeable, but funny, as are many of your posts.
    I read through the past entries over the last few days, and
    I must say I think I’m in love.

  7. You guys deserve it-classic songwriting, infectious beat, diversity-you have it all! Enjoyed your show at Knuckleheads!

  8. Congrats to a phenomenal band.

    Which side of the bed!

    Tonight, the Bluebird will skank hard all night!

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  10. Will the 3 disc cd sets also be released in the US at some point? If not, I’ve already ordered “Special Beat Service”. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • As the 3 disc releases are being released by the UK label, and the box set by the US label, it is not likely

  11. Hey Lee, as the post says this release is coming out soon, on SEPTEMBER 18, 2012! Thanks for asking!


  12. Amazing night. Got to meet you Dave. hey please keep in touch xx

  13. Saw you two weeks ago in Adelaide and you were absolutely brilliant, danced my ass off. Please come back sometime soon. xx

  14. Hey guys,great news! Just one question-Is the dvd region one or two?

    • Hi Ian, thanks for the question. Checking out the DVD I see it says it is NTSC format, which is Region 1, and not PAL.



      • Ok,thank you…Um,do you know of any plans for a UK release? (I need to own this)!!

        • Hiya, sorry no plans for a UK release of the US Festival DVD at this time. However, just so you know, many computer DVD drives and some standalone DVD players are Region-less, allowing playback of any disc. So I’d check your player to be sure before giving up hope of playing it.


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  17. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s content every day along with a cup of coffee.

  18. The band always enjoys playing The House of Blue; really great venues. Hopefully we’ll get out to that new one in TX soon. We know what they say, “Don’t mess with Texas!” We won’t! 😉

    Thanks for the response!


  19. I was there on 82 & 83 the best time of my life
    How can I get a dvd & cd
    From both yrs

    • Heya Cesar, actually the Shout! Factory set contains performance from BOTH the 82 & 83 shows on both the CD and DVD. Hope that clears up any confusion.


      The Beat

  20. So glad I saw this show (BB King’s) listed before it was too late. Love the Beat!

  21. Thanx SirLou!
    And not to mention that the Main Character’s Heart Throb is partly inspired by Dave himself…especially his singing voice!!

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  23. Perhaps in death she will find the PEACE she never knew on earth.

  24. At the concert last night (4.13.13) at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Dave and the band did “Whine and Grine/Stand Down Margaret” and he ended it with a touching and classy “RIP Margaret”.
    BTW the concert was AWESOME, as always.

  25. To give you vinyl lovers a comparison, EMI’s reissue of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust from 2012, came with what seemed a very good quality gatefold sleeve. Well that was around HALF the weight and thickness of these Doors sleeves. No one at this present time can come close to the quality on offer here. Rather than printing straight to board, (the cheap way of doing it) the sleeves are printed separately on paper stock and then mounted on to the board. Each jacket is then hand-folded and individually inspected. The vinyl jackets are all laminated for extra protection (and a luxury finish), and although that does cause fingerprints to show up quite easily, they are easy enough to wipe off.

  26. Those women could ultimately use a college scholarship fund.

  27. The fund was set up by Cummins, of Ward 14, and council members Dona Brady, of Ward 17, and Matt Zone, of Ward 15, to help the three women and child who were held captive inside a Seymour Avenue home. Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Berry’s daughter were discovered inside the home one week ago.

  28. Yes, thank you Sybil and Thomas for your useful and insightful comments.

    The show went over very well and we were very pleased to be of some small help to these three courageous women.

  29. Just an update, according to the CLEVELAND COURAGE FUND website, as of August 6th, you all have raised $1,390,000 for this worthy cause and these brave women.

    Well done!!

  30. Hi!
    wondering for those of us who pledged, what the status is on the merch we pledged for!

    Thanks much

  31. The Beat are performing in Melbourne Australia on 2 April 2015. Is this different to the English Beat?
    Im keen to see Mr Wakeling perform, but dont think he’s part of the performance in Melbourne?
    If not, i’l b in America in Dec 2015/Jan 2016, will Dave be performing anywhere during these months?
    Regards, Wil.

    • Hey Wil, thanks for the comment and thanks for your support! Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the one and the only Dave Wakeling in Australia this month. That was not our band.

      However, when you come to the States he will most certainly be playing during that time frame — but it’s a very large country. Hit me up with an email personally ( when you have firmer dates and plans and I will see what I can do to help you out, mate.


      The Beat

  32. Hi-
    So excited to see you Saturday in Mill Valley, any chance I could photograph you Saturday for just the first couple songs? I love your artistic vision and I’ve been a fan for a good 25+ years… and I’m a good photog but also a huge philanthropist that gives back to victims of domestic violence. I would love the opp! I’ve photographed the Go-Gos to ABC and more.
    Thanks so much for considering me!

    • Hi Amy, hope you were able to make it out and that you enjoyed the show. It was a wee bit of short notice for that photo pass, sorry. But hit me up personally next time at and we’ll see what we can do for you. Thank you for your efforts helping others. We know we’ve got a lot of great, kind-hearted open minded people as fans and it’s a real pleasure to play for you all. We’re honoured and privileged to have you as a fan.


      The Beat

  33. Are you playing a date in Melrose in the Scottish Borders on the UK Tour in September?

    • We hear you and we are trying! As Dave had mentioned on our Twitter (@TheEnglishBeat):

      “Re: Q’s @ Irish, Welsh, & other dates, if we can’t find ’em in Sep, we will set up a Spring tour to cover anywhere we missed! cheers, dave x”

      Hope that helps!


      The Beat

  34. Having first seen the band in London and Berlin in the late 70’s early 80’s, I’ve been marooned in middle America for 30 years(Wichita, KS). Last saw the band in Kansas City on a rainy Saturday opening for Reel Big Fish who never ended up playing. Thanks for venturing back to the middle of the US this time around. Looking forward to driving to Tulsa next weekend for the Guthrie Green show. I hope you play at least an hour since I will be at the festival to see only The Beat.

  35. Just saw you last night at the MIM. I appreciate your venturing into an interesting venue. The accoustics were off of the chart, people not so much. I was one of the people dancing in the back! Thanks for a great night!

    Long live The Beat!

  36. Cracking….me ranking full stop…..bEat girl dance wind wid me…….:-)

  37. Love it, Dave! Never realized it went back to the 50’s. Paz y amor todos!

  38. Always good to hear the early music. So many influences and then one magic Ska moment

  39. Awesome I have often wanted to do a history of ska.

  40. Great presentation. Enjoyed it. Hoping you to see you again in albuquerque.

  41. Hey all. Saw you guys play at Daryls Place in Pawling NY I listen to your songs during the 80’s and in the clubs scene in NYC and in France and I have to say it was a lot of fun! Great show!

  42. Lets see you in Belfast!

    Try Limelight venue or Mandela Hall

    Bad Manners Selecter The Beat all regular Belfast visitors!

  43. How about a stop in Paris or Nantes or Rennes while in UK? Thanks for considering !

  44. Hello people from the Beat, here a couple of questions for my radio show in Caracas, Venezuela:
    1- have you plans of a New album as The Beat?
    2-in the long historiy of the Beat, did you visit Latín America someday.?
    3-what do think about the more reciente álbumes of two tone bands like Madness and the Selecter?
    4-have you still good relations with your former mates of the Beat?

  45. Just found your site after having a browse., can not wait until tickets go out for Nottingham., I am a 54 year old ex Chelmsley Wood boy re living some of the greatest music and lyrics ever written. See you guys in October. Terry

  46. Came to see you in Tunbridge Wells last nights. Loved it. Will do it again.

  47. Wow Finally .. Been a few years since we seen you in Connecticut !!! and now 2 dates !

  48. brilliant performance
    haven’t heard your band in so many years. it was a pleasure to see you on Jools Hootenanny.

    • Cheers, Edmund! Happy you enjoyed our appearance! We’ll be back in the UK in March for a short tour so stay tuned…

  49. What is the nane of lady who did background vocals? Dwbra something

  50. That is Deborah Troiano, formerly of the band “Persian Claws”.

  51. Love the new single..had me skanking even though I’m at work.
    Thanks to Ken and radio 2 for playing some cool ska

  52. Glad you enjoyed it, Martin! More to come soon! #TheBeatGoesOn…

  53. Love this song and video, very catchy tune and love the Beat Girl and Rude Dude!! Once again I’m on to another favorite song……❤️❤️❤️❤️. Well done Dave and all!!

  54. Great, strong track….love it! A great return for Dave and band – its been too long! More please!

  55. Dear Dave, so sorry to miss a very moving moment of tribute. Hoping there can be a tribute to Roger here in New york city. love, Tricia

  56. Just heard about the loss of Ranking Roger. Prayers go to his family in England, and I hope they are able to deal with the loss. I read how his children were such a big part of his life.

    Having the honor of seeing the English Beat and General Public perform in Austin, Texas back in the 80s, all my friends were addicted to the high energy, politically packed music which made you dance but brought a message few bands could muster. Personally, I still have all the American albums, plus the Euro imports.

    Mr. Wakeling, I hope you are able to deal with the loss of a collaborative soulmate. Your group has given millions of people a tremendous amount of joy which will not go away. I hope and pray that you find the peace and comfort in a difficult time.

    Thank you again for the work you gave us and continue to give us. As a college student, I embraced the ska movement, and I saw the English Beat as being the forefront of the movement. I have never lost the passion, and the world will be a little emptier without Ranking Roger.

    God bless to you, and the rest of your bandmates and family.

  57. Peace to Roger. Peace be with you and all the band mates over the years that created such amazing music for four decades. We saw your show in January and was wonderful. So many memories. Thank you.

  58. My love, prayers and thoughts are with you Dave, and all who loved Roger, as a fellow musician, soul brother, father and family member.

    Thank you for all you gave to us, your supporters, and for being such a pivotal force in bringing all colours and creeds together with your musical collaborations.

    Growing up as a mixed raced kid in the 70s/80s was fkn hell most of the time. The disgusting NF were prevalent,
    politically and socially. But every time I saw you on TOTP and other tv shows you gave me the strength to keep going and have faith for the future.

    Listening to your music (on vinyl, as was standard in those days) freed me from the fear of the racism i had to endure every day, outside and inside my home (from my white stepfather). Those precious, snatched, few minutes with your flow in my heart and soul saved me. I’ve never been blessed to see you live, yet, but you, and others like you, keep me going. Thank you.

    Unfortunately and sickeningly, the scum of white extremism/hate groups, etc, have risen once more into the public arena. Pathetic. Ignorant. But dangerous. Preying on the young, the lost and the lonely with their rehashed, regurgitated manifestos. No such thing as an original thought? Definitely not in this case.

    The Beat, General Public, The English Beat and all musicians who bring the majority together in song and dance are to be revered for their enduring, timeless movement and for creating something real, rock solid and steadfast. Amen to that!

    I will mourn the loss of a wonderful artist but rejoice in knowing Roger will take top rankin’ in Heaven where pain and suffering have no place.

    God bless you, Dave, and all who were blessed to personally know the force of nature of the Righteous, Rankin’ Roger!
    My heart, soul, blessings, prayers and love go out to you all

    And may open-mindedness and open-heartedness triumph, through music, through our blood, through us all. Forever!!

    May the greatest ‘toaster’ be toasted and celebrated, today and always xxx

  59. RIP Roger, will always remember that smile, that bounce & you letting me enter the bus in Ventura to speak with Dave. We had good laughs. Blessings to your family & band mates (David). You will be greatly missed!

  60. Thanks for the memories Roger, may you rest in peace.

    Top Ranking. Full stop.

  61. Thanks for all the great tunes throughout the years, Roger. Your music was influential to so many. You will be sorely missed. Keep on skanking!

  62. RIP Roger! So sad to see another one of the great’s of my generation pass on way too soon!!

  63. Hi,
    Where can I purchase the collection of music you have on your website? Can’t find it on iTunes or the best of English Beat. Some of those songs I haven’t heard and I’d love this collection.
    Please, please.
    RIP Ranking Roger!

  64. My heart is broken … love English Beat and GP. Nothing but happy memories from days gone by. RIP Ranking Roger.

  65. I am so sad to hear of the passing of Roger, My heart goes out to his family, band mates and friends, As a fan of the band for many years I wish to express my gratitude to all involved in bringing the Englishbeat music into my life, I was fortunate to have seen your concert at red butte last year with my wife, it was one of the best date nights we have ever had largely because of Roger and his wonderful energy he brought to the stage. May all of you be blessed during these difficult times and remember the many lives you have enriched with your glorious music.

  66. All of my love to you, Ranking Roger and the English Beat family everywhere. Many Thanks for all the music, joy and kindness.

  67. “Stick him in the living room and turn out the lights” –
    Rog -chill in there in peace and thanks for the memories x
    AKA Chris Sherpa) Roney

  68. I remember meeting the band in bar right before their show with the Pretenders. I do believe they had not been in the states previous to this and I remember driving them back to the hotel after many hours of drinking ha ha ha! They were all quite nice and they played their asses off and actually upstaged the Pretenders! There is no band like the English Beat!They were the best especially with Roger!

  69. Coming of age as I did in the late 70s and early 80s, ‘I Just Can’t Stop It’ became the soundtrack of my life for quite a few years. I still consider it in the top 3 of my all time favorite albums. You cant help but smile (and dance) when listening to it. It’s brilliant and timeless, fresh even today.

    Thanks RR for the good times!

  70. Like Lennon and McCartney and Strummer and Jones, Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger created a musical partnership that blazed a path of originality, timeless music and hope that was for everyone. No matter where I have been in my life, no matter what my mood, an instant sense of unbridled joy and dance washes over me and fillls my heart and my life.The English Beat’s vocal duo melded a music that blended black and white and showed the world that you could face a world of uncertainty with a musical release and outlet that makes me proudly state I Just Can’t Stop It when it comes to their soundtrack of my life. My heart goes out to Roger’s children and family, all Beat band members past and present, the Two Tone family, which the band opened to all. I am sad I missed a few times, due to bad luck, that I never got to see the original band. I mourn that I will never get to shake Roger’s hand and tell him what his music and indomitable spirit has meant to me. I am sure I am not alone. What we all get in the wake of his passing are his ethos of nevering giving up, and for the rest of our days, his music remains and will let him live forever. RIP Roger.

  71. Hi guys, would be great to see you back in the UK again, after seeing you in Cardiff on your last visit.
    Do you plan to visit that part of the country or anywhere in the South West!

  72. That’s how I wash my hands. Let’s all do our part to stop covid19 and we’ll see the English Beat on tour next year. Thanks from Stateside Madness

  73. Where can I purchase tickets for the Newport Beach shows?

    • Any updates on where to get tix for the Tiki Bar shows – nothing on the Tiki Bar website {?}

      • First Nor Ca; gig is at the CORNERSTORE, Berkeley, Ca on 10/2/21.

  74. Dallas, Texas eagerly awaits your return! Dallas LOVES The Beat!

  75. Dave, I’d like to apologize for how things turned out with the 30th Anniversary Tour. I lost a car with you remember? Parking at the clubhouse like you suggested. Anyhow, it’s the past and I’m committed to keeping the Beats music alive. I’d like to join you for this year’s tour of the states if you can find it in your heart to let by gones be by gones, let me know.

    Best of luck with everything and I thank you for the times we had.

    From Danilo

  76. Mr wakeling, I’ve enjoyed your group since 1981, my son is autistic and likes your music as well, I was wondering the next time you perform at the belly up could he possibly be on stage with you for a song he would love it. He’s like a rain an of music and I’m amazed at all the songs he knows

  77. Not sure about fans on stage at present, with the various restrictions and such still in place. Would love to make this happen later on, praps when things have eased more. All the best!
    -The Beat

  78. so sad its been rescheduled ,but for the best i think.
    do you know roughly when your playing in margate?

    • Not yet, as soon as we know about rescheduled dates we’ll post it here and on our socials. Stay tuned, The Beat goes on…

      The Beat

  79. Where are your further event dates please. Any outdoor park events soon? Saw you at OC Fair. Wish you were headliners

  80. To the Family of Everett Morton and The English Beat,
    My sincerest, deepest heartfelt condolences. Everett was an amazing, unique drummer and a legend. Unfortunately i never got to see the original English Beat live. I loved you guys as a kid and I still love you guys as an adult. I will always love The English Beat and my kids do now also. Please know Everett brought so much happiness to people’s lives and will continue to do so. I still listen everyday to some of the most amazing albums ever created. The English Beat are one of those bands that just captured “lightning in a bottle”. I really really liked General Public and the Fine Young Cannibals but The English Beat are embedded in my heart forever. This one hurts so bad just like it did with Roger and Saxa. The amazing legacy will still continue and one of these years when it is not expected, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will come calling.

  81. My sister and I are looking forward to seeing you on November 7th. I cannot wait!

  82. Trying to figure out why your show was taken off the bill in Kent, OH 11/9. We were traveling from New York a 7 hour trip. But only if you were playing.

  83. Have we missed any Texas (Houston, preferably) dates, or are there any upcoming?

    • As soon as we have new and rescheduled dates they will be posted here, thanks for asking!