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Shout! Factory Releases The Beat at US Festival CD/DVD!!

Hey Beat Fans! Just wanted to let you in on the confirmed release date for the awesome
The Beat Live @ US Festival put together by our friends at Shout! Facotry.

Shout! Factory have set a September 18th release date for the first-ever release of
The English Beat: Live At The US Festival, ’82 & ’83 on CD/DVD. The new release is, of course, in addition to Shout! Factory’s campaign reissue of The English Beat’s entire catalog this year.

The full details follow, below, after the image:

The 2-Disc set includes a CD featuring the best of The English Beat at the US Festival, and a DVD featuring full sets from both 1982 and 1983. Live At The US Festival is the first English Beat US Festival concert performance to be released on DVD and has been largely unseen for nearly 30 years. (See full track listing below)

For those of you unfamiliar with the US FESTIVAL, read on:

The US Festival was held over two weekends in 1982 and 1983. Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer, funded the concerts and accompanying technology exposition, as well as the construction of a brand-new outdoor venue in Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, CA. Nearly every musical genre was represented by bands as diverse as U2, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Waylon Jennings, The Ramones, The Police and The Clash. Over the combined seven days of the festival, more than one million people passed through the entrance gates.

Music fans have waited decades for performances from The US Festival to be made available on CD and DVD, and the wait was worthwhile. Initial US Festival releases captured performances by Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Quiet Riot, and The English Beat are next in line, with their 2 unforgettable shows. The English Beat performed at The US Festival on September 3, 1982 in a lineup that included The Ramones, The B-52’s, The Police, Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo and Gang of Four. They returned the next year to play “New Wave Day” on May 28, 1983, along with The Clash, INXS, Oingo Boingo, Stray Cats, Men at Work, A Flock of Seagulls, Wall of Voodoo, and Divinyls. The English Beat and Oingo Boingo were the only bands to play both the 1982 and 1983 US Festivals.

Purchase Link and more information to follow, stay tuned here for more info!!

TRACK LISTING: The English Beat, Live! at the US Festival

Sept. 3, 1982

1. “Twist & Crawl”
2. “I Confess”
3. “Doors Of Your Heart Margaret”
4. “Sugar & Stress”
5. “Two Swords”
6. “Hands Off…She’s Mine”
7. “Save It For Later”
8. “Too Nice To Talk To”
9. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
May 28, 1983
10. “Jeanette”
11. “Spar Wid Me”
12. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down”
13. “Tears Of A Clown”
14. “Ackee 1 2 3″
15. “Ranking Full Stop”
16. “Jackpot”

Sept. 3, 1982

1. “Twist & Crawl”
2. “Doors Of Your Heart”
3. “I Confess”
4. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret”
5. “Sugar & Stress”
6. “Spar Wid Me”
7. “Two Swords”
8. “Hands Off…She’s Mine”
9. “Save It For Later”
10. “Too Nice To Talk To”
11. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
12. “Jackpot”
May 28, 1983
13. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
14. “Doors Of Your Heart”
15. “Two Swords”
16. “Jeanette”
17. “I Confess”
18. “Spar Wid Me”
19. “Too Nice To Talk To”
20. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret”
21. “Tears Of A Clown”
22. “Ackee 1 2 3″
23. “Twist & Crawl”
24. “Ranking Full Stop”
25. “Save It For Later”
26. “Jackpot”



10 thoughts on “Shout! Factory Releases The Beat at US Festival CD/DVD!!

  1. Hey Lee, as the post says this release is coming out soon, on SEPTEMBER 18, 2012! Thanks for asking!


  2. Hey guys,great news! Just one question-Is the dvd region one or two?

    • Hi Ian, thanks for the question. Checking out the DVD I see it says it is NTSC format, which is Region 1, and not PAL.



      • Ok,thank you…Um,do you know of any plans for a UK release? (I need to own this)!!

        • Hiya, sorry no plans for a UK release of the US Festival DVD at this time. However, just so you know, many computer DVD drives and some standalone DVD players are Region-less, allowing playback of any disc. So I’d check your player to be sure before giving up hope of playing it.


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  4. I was there on 82 & 83 the best time of my life
    How can I get a dvd & cd
    From both yrs

    • Heya Cesar, actually the Shout! Factory set contains performance from BOTH the 82 & 83 shows on both the CD and DVD. Hope that clears up any confusion.


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