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The Beat reflects on Margaret Thatcher’s death

bestfiends7inchback Well Beat fans, unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher today, 8 April 2013, at the age of 87.

Mrs. Thatcher’s passing is a momentous event for those of us who lived through the era when she, like her U.S. counterpart Ronald Reagan, stood like two Atlas-sized school bullies, looming over the globe, dictating and talking down to the lot of us. Reagan passed back in 2004, and now the Iron Lady joins him.

The Beat’s lead singer Dave Wakeling had this to say on learning of Mrs. Thatcher’s passing:

“Although I rejoice in no one’s death, Margaret Thatcher’s passing is an important event for those who lived under her regime. She made competitors out of neighbors, and people stopped talking at bus stops, even about the weather, in the shadow of her affected, pretend posh accent. Margaret made herself big on the tears and suffering of others, more Cromwell than Churchill, yet however much pain she caused us, I wish comfort and solace to her family today.”

In memorium, I share a couple versions of The Beat’s poignant call to Mrs. Thatcher, from back in the day, to try to amend her strident ways.

Wishing you all peace, love and unity..Two Swords and all that, innit…?

The Beat

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  1. Perhaps in death she will find the PEACE she never knew on earth.©2012-2016//©2000-2016
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