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“The Vinyl Collection” available now from Demon UK!


Demon Music Group, which brought you the outstanding 2 CD + DVD reissues of The Beat’s first three studio albums is at it again….

This time they’ve put together a really stellar vinyl collection of The Beat’s oeuvre, a FOUR LP set that is a must have the true Beat fan: THE VINYL COLLECTION!

“The Vinyl Collection” comes housed in a specially-designed rigid slipcase based on the distinctive artwork of the Go-Feet label 12” single sleeves, Edsel presents faithful re-creations of all three of The Beat’s albums, including the inner sleeves.

Also included is an exclusive BONUS album, only available in this set. Entitled “The Dub Album”, this contains all the fabulous dub versions from the band’s 12” singles and an extended version of “Save It For Later” (as covered by the likes of Pearl Jam and The Who). These versions have not been available on vinyl since the mid-80’s!!

Available for purchase NOW in the US and worldwide!!

Check out the One-Sheet (click on it to view the full size PDF) and product images below, and following that is the full track listing:

FEETBOX001 The Beat LP box Beat exploded packshot

The track listing is as follows:

LP 1
1 Mirror In The Bathroom
2 Hands Off…She’s Mine
3 Two Swords
4 Twist & Crawl
5 Rough Rider
6 Click Click
7 Big Shot
8 Whine & Grine / Stand Down Margaret
9 Noise In This World
10 Can’t Get Used To Losing You
11 Best Friend
12 Jackpot

LP 2
1 Doors Of Your Heart
2 All Out To Get You
3 Monkey Murders
4 I Am Your Flag
5 French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)
6 Drowning
7 Dream Home In N.Z.
8 Walk Away
9 Over And Over
10 Cheated
11 Get-A-Job
12 The Limits We Set

LP 3
1 I Confess
2 Jeanette
3 Sorry
4 Sole Salvation
5 Spar Wid Me
6 Rotating Head
7 Save It For Later
8 She’s Going
9 Pato And Roger A Go Talk
10 Sugar And Stress
11 End Of The Party
12 Ackee 1-2-3

LP 4
1 Too Nice To Talk To [Dubweiser]
2 Psychedelic Rockers [Dubweiser]
3 Doors Of Your Heart [Dub]
4 Drowning [Dub]
5 Save It For Later [Extended]
6 What’s Your Best Thing [Dub Style]
7 Stand Down Margaret [Dub]

Hope you pick this one up as soon as you can!!

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One thought on ““The Vinyl Collection” available now from Demon UK!

  1. To give you vinyl lovers a comparison, EMI’s reissue of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust from 2012, came with what seemed a very good quality gatefold sleeve. Well that was around HALF the weight and thickness of these Doors sleeves. No one at this present time can come close to the quality on offer here. Rather than printing straight to board, (the cheap way of doing it) the sleeves are printed separately on paper stock and then mounted on to the board. Each jacket is then hand-folded and individually inspected. The vinyl jackets are all laminated for extra protection (and a luxury finish), and although that does cause fingerprints to show up quite easily, they are easy enough to wipe off.©2012-2016//©2000-2016
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