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Time Capsule: LA Times 1993 Interview

Hey Beat Fans, ready for some 1980’s style “Back to The Future” fun courtesy of the Beat-blog? Well, then hold on to your flux capacitors and get ready to crank your DeLorean up to 85 because it’s time for a new blog feature

Time Capsule>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


OK, it’s 1993 and LA Times Writer BILL LOCEY decided he wanted to write about an awesome, not to be missed upcoming LA area gig by none other than Dave Wakeling & The Free Radicals!

Check out the article from the link below, after the DeLorean, and when you’re done make sure to top off her fuel cells back in 1993, would ya’, that stuffs not cheap here in 2012, ya’ know!



p.s. Like with the “Gig Spotlight”, the “Time Capsule” is one of your great new blog features, so stay tuned here for more upcoming interviews, stories, and blasts from the pasts!

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