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Come celebrate The Beat’s 40th Anniversary on 30 March!

Hello Beat fans!

It was 40 years ago, back in the heady post-punk days of 1979 that a fledgling band of Brummy lads and friends, known as The Beat, hit the stag for the very first time!

Now all these years later, lucky you, because you can join lead-singer and founding member of the band, Dave Wakeling, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Beat’s first gig, on 30 March 2019 at Moe’s Alley in lovely Santa Cruz, CA!!

How Can You Stand There (?!) when The Beat drops!

Where is the Tenderness, you ask? Why it’s at Moe’s Alley with you on 30th March! It’s sure top be a magical night as Dave takes the band through their paces, playing hit after hit from the The Beat (Tears of a Clown, Save it For Later, I Confess, Doors of Your Heat, Mirror in the Bathroom) and General Public (Tenderness, I’ll take You There, Never You Done That) catalogs, as well songs off the latest fan-favourite album “Here We Go Love!”

So please come and join us for this momentous anniversary concert eventcelebrating the history of 2Tone and the legacy of the one and only Dave Wakeling and the English Beat!!

Hope to see you there,

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