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Chuck Amoura Annette Bingham Cyndi Bunch Robin Depto
Tony (tones) Earley Mike Guasch Susie Hall-Armstrong Justin “Harry” Harrison
Kevin Lane Keller Deena Keys Tobin Munsat Karen & Rick Noble
Tim Pierson Michael Plummer Em, Ol & Wil Roney Chris Roney
Frederick D. Sapp Ty Sharpe Paul Standley Stephanie A. Stewart
Stephen & Melissa Snyder Erika Tobiassen Eric K. Ward Dave & Corryn Wilson


ENGINEERING/PRODUCING: Thanks to our Producer KYLE HOFFMANN (CHIEF ENGINEER, NRG STUDIOS), the legendary JAY BAUMGARDNER (OWNER/PRESIDENT, NRG STUDIOS) for Mixing our album, and all the staff and crew at NRG STUDIOS for their assistance and support.

ARTISTS: Thanks to all of the artists and studio musicians who appeared on this album. A very special thank you to our dear friend Hunt Emerson, designer of the Beat-girl and our original Go-Feet records sleeves, for his stunning album cover art for our new album and singles! (Please see ALBUM CREDITS section below for musician & artist credits.)

TEAM ENGLISH BEAT: Thanks to all of the members of the band, our agents and representatives, the touring staff, the promotions and marketing staff, our label and all other members of the team who made this record happen.

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The English Beat would like to thank the following musicians and technicians who worked on this album (this section may be revised as necessary):

Here We Go Love credits:  

Dave Wakeling
Antonee First Class (toasting)
Kevin Williams (background vocals)
Jelani Jones (background vocals)
Durga McBroom (background vocals)
Deborah Troiano (background vocals
Josef Wakeling (background vocals)
Eli Wakeling (background vocals)

Nate Laguzza (drums, percussion)
Perry Morris (percussion)
Everett Morton (congas)
Andy Cox (garden shears)

Nate Light

Dave Wakeling (electric)
Jon Sosin (acoustic; electric)
Roddy ‘Radiation’ Byers (electric)
Rich Hinman (pedal steel)
Luis Maldonado (electric)
Native Wayne Jobson (electric)
Tony Chin (electric)
Jared Palazzollo

Michael Railton (piano, organ, accordion, synthesizers)
Roger Rivas (organ)
Drew Erickson (organ)
Raynier Jacildo

Drew Erickson (arranged by)
Leah Zeger (violin)
Thomas Lea (viola)
Isaiah Gage (cello)

Danny T. Levin (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, euphonium)
David Moyer (baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, piccolo, recorder, bass clarinet)
Drew Erickson (arranged by)

Kyle Hoffmann

Jay Baumgardner

Ted Jensen

Hunt Emerson

“How Can You Stand There?!” Credits:  

Vocals: Dave Wakeling
Background Vocals: Kevin Williams
Background Vocals: Jelani Jones
Drums/Percussion: Nate Laguzza
Percussion: Perry Morris
Bass: Nate Light
Guitar: Dave Wakeling
Guitar: Native Wayne Jobson
Guitar: Jon Sosin
Organ: Roger Rivas
Accordion: Michael Railton
Drew Erickson: Horn Arranging
David Moyer: Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax
Danny Levin: Trumpet, Trombone
Artwork: Hunt Emerson