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4 & 1/2 Star Review in Rolling Stone!

Hey Beat fans, well it might not be “the cover of the Rolling Stone”, but we were well chuffed to learn of a 4 1/2 star review for our forthcoming box set “The Complete Beat”, which is in the current print edition of Rolling Stone magazine, on newsstands now!

Run out and buy a copy now…better yet, buy two and give one to your mum!!

We’re honored to receive such high praise from rock & roll’s premier magazine. Earning 4 1/2 stars from these folx is tough, as the critics at Rolling Stone really know their stuff. Other recent 4 1/2 star reviews were garnered by artists like Sir Paul McCartney (for the deluxe box set of his and wife Linda’s seminal album “Ram”), Jack White (with his acclaimed current release “Blunderbuss”), and perennial rock gods and fellow Brits, Pink Floyd (for their Feb. 2012 release of “The Wall: Immersion Edition”). Notice anything there, perhaps another British Invasion in the mix…. Truly august company indeed, and we thank Rolling Stone for their kind words.

A copy of the review is below, but please go and buy the magazine and help support this venerable rock institution.

Before we get to the review, we also wanted to drop another little Rolling Stone tid bit on you. Back in April they had another nice write up on our upcoming U.S. releases. The article also includes two streams exclusive to Rolling Stone, of two fan favorites, to whet your appetites: “Which Side of the Bed” and “Save It For Later” from the Peel Sessions. Enjoy!!

Listen and read the article here:
Song Exclusive: The English Beat’s ‘Which Side of the Bed’ and ‘Save it For Later’

Rolling Stone Review:


Direct Link:

3 thoughts on “4 & 1/2 Star Review in Rolling Stone!

  1. You guys deserve it-classic songwriting, infectious beat, diversity-you have it all! Enjoyed your show at Knuckleheads!

  2. Congrats to a phenomenal band.

    Which side of the bed!

    Tonight, the Bluebird will skank hard all night!

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