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Come celebrate The Beat’s 40th Anniversary on 30 March!

Hello Beat fans!

It was 40 years ago, back in the heady post-punk days of 1979 that a fledgling band of Brummy lads and friends, known as The Beat, hit the stag for the very first time!

Now all these years later, lucky you, because you can join lead-singer and founding member of the band, Dave Wakeling, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Beat’s first gig, on 30 March 2019 at Moe’s Alley in lovely Santa Cruz, CA!!

How Can You Stand There (?!) when The Beat drops!

Where is the Tenderness, you ask? Why it’s at Moe’s Alley with you on 30th March! It’s sure top be a magical night as Dave takes the band through their paces, playing hit after hit from the The Beat (Tears of a Clown, Save it For Later, I Confess, Doors of Your Heat, Mirror in the Bathroom) and General Public (Tenderness, I’ll take You There, Never You Done That) catalogs, as well songs off the latest fan-favourite album “Here We Go Love!”

So please come and join us for this momentous anniversary concert eventcelebrating the history of 2Tone and the legacy of the one and only Dave Wakeling and the English Beat!!

Hope to see you there,

The Beat

5 thoughts on “Come celebrate The Beat’s 40th Anniversary on 30 March!

  1. Dear Dave, so sorry to miss a very moving moment of tribute. Hoping there can be a tribute to Roger here in New york city. love, Tricia

  2. Just heard about the loss of Ranking Roger. Prayers go to his family in England, and I hope they are able to deal with the loss. I read how his children were such a big part of his life.

    Having the honor of seeing the English Beat and General Public perform in Austin, Texas back in the 80s, all my friends were addicted to the high energy, politically packed music which made you dance but brought a message few bands could muster. Personally, I still have all the American albums, plus the Euro imports.

    Mr. Wakeling, I hope you are able to deal with the loss of a collaborative soulmate. Your group has given millions of people a tremendous amount of joy which will not go away. I hope and pray that you find the peace and comfort in a difficult time.

    Thank you again for the work you gave us and continue to give us. As a college student, I embraced the ska movement, and I saw the English Beat as being the forefront of the movement. I have never lost the passion, and the world will be a little emptier without Ranking Roger.

    God bless to you, and the rest of your bandmates and family.

  3. Peace to Roger. Peace be with you and all the band mates over the years that created such amazing music for four decades. We saw your show in January and was wonderful. So many memories. Thank you.

  4. My love, prayers and thoughts are with you Dave, and all who loved Roger, as a fellow musician, soul brother, father and family member.

    Thank you for all you gave to us, your supporters, and for being such a pivotal force in bringing all colours and creeds together with your musical collaborations.

    Growing up as a mixed raced kid in the 70s/80s was fkn hell most of the time. The disgusting NF were prevalent,
    politically and socially. But every time I saw you on TOTP and other tv shows you gave me the strength to keep going and have faith for the future.

    Listening to your music (on vinyl, as was standard in those days) freed me from the fear of the racism i had to endure every day, outside and inside my home (from my white stepfather). Those precious, snatched, few minutes with your flow in my heart and soul saved me. I’ve never been blessed to see you live, yet, but you, and others like you, keep me going. Thank you.

    Unfortunately and sickeningly, the scum of white extremism/hate groups, etc, have risen once more into the public arena. Pathetic. Ignorant. But dangerous. Preying on the young, the lost and the lonely with their rehashed, regurgitated manifestos. No such thing as an original thought? Definitely not in this case.

    The Beat, General Public, The English Beat and all musicians who bring the majority together in song and dance are to be revered for their enduring, timeless movement and for creating something real, rock solid and steadfast. Amen to that!

    I will mourn the loss of a wonderful artist but rejoice in knowing Roger will take top rankin’ in Heaven where pain and suffering have no place.

    God bless you, Dave, and all who were blessed to personally know the force of nature of the Righteous, Rankin’ Roger!
    My heart, soul, blessings, prayers and love go out to you all

    And may open-mindedness and open-heartedness triumph, through music, through our blood, through us all. Forever!!

    May the greatest ‘toaster’ be toasted and celebrated, today and always xxx

  5. I am so sad to hear of the passing of Roger, My heart goes out to his family, band mates and friends, As a fan of the band for many years I wish to express my gratitude to all involved in bringing the Englishbeat music into my life, I was fortunate to have seen your concert at red butte last year with my wife, it was one of the best date nights we have ever had largely because of Roger and his wonderful energy he brought to the stage. May all of you be blessed during these difficult times and remember the many lives you have enriched with your glorious music.©2012-2016//©2000-2016
Dave Wakeling/TEB, LLC

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