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Dave Wakeling in New Zealand (video/audio)

Hey Beat fans, just thought we’d pass along some great audio and video interviews of Dave from New Zealand, where he stopped with The English Beat the last couple days, to play to a sold out enthusiastic crowd at the Powerhouse in Auckland, NZ last night!

Spiritually bound by the band’s song “Dream Home in NZ”, a hauntingly beautiful serenade on the bands 1981 sophomore effort “Wha’ppen?”, it was a historic moment for the band and the fans to finally connect on this, the occasion of the band’s first visit to New Zealand shores.

The band were in rare form and the crowd was well pleased last night from all reports. Dave and the band want to extend their thanks to everyone involved who made it a fantastic “homecoming to NZ”, and most of all to the fans for providing so much love and support, and waiting so patiently all these years from him to get to your side of the planet! He promises not to leave it so long till the next visit!!

Below as a treat, find a video clip, an audio interview, and a photo from Dave’s visit to his dream home in NZ…

The Beat’s Dave Wakeling visits Auckland’s 13th Floor:

Dave Wakeling Interview in Auckland, NZ (Audio) 22 Aug 2012:

Pounding The Beat: Dave Wakeling Talks To The 13th Floor (Interview)

Beat posters in Auckland, NZ (anon):

More news, reviews and extras to follow from the NZ and AUS tour to follow, so stay tuned!!


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