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DFW Interview + Jamaica ska treat!

Hey Beat fans,

It’s been a while since my last post, as the lazy days of summer lulled me into a somnambulant stupor. Now it’s Fall, glorious Fall, and so I’ve decided to honor the season with a double post.

First, we have a very interesting, entertaining and wide-ranging article on our own Dave Wakeling by writer Michael Kuelker, writing for the music news section of out of St Louis, Missouri.


It’s a cracking good read, and I enjoyed it, so check it out here:
The English Beat’s Dave Wakeling on UK social history, West Indian cricket and Teenage Cancer Trust

Right, now you’ve had your meat, it’s time for your pudding!

Coming via a link from our friends over at Jump Up Records, we savored this wonderful little bon mot when it came across our Internets, and hope you will too. So without further ado we link you to Annette Funicello and Bob Hope performing…The Jamaica Ska!

You just can’t beat that, eh?



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