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Fireside Chat Transcript from 20th December #AskDaveWakeling

Hey Beat fans,

We wanted to thank everyone who wrote in and took part in our second Twitter Q&A on 20th December via our Official Twitter account: @TheEnglishBeat, using the hashtag #AskDaveWakeling.


The event was a great success again, thanks to all of you and your questions, and while we only planned a half hour session…Dave kept answering questions for about an hour!!

Dave and I had loads of fun interacting with you lot, and look forward to doing it again soon, some time in 2016!!

If we didn’t answer your question, remember there’s a good chance we get to it in our next installment of #AskDaveWakeling!!

Lastly, for all those who were not able to attend or who do not have access to Twitter…or if you just want to read all the Q’s and A’s in one place, attached is the full transcript of the event: @TheEnglishBeat #AskDaveWakeling Part 2Tone Transcript 122015 to download and enjoy!!


The Beat

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