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Fireside Chat Transcript from 24th November #AskDaveWakeling

Hey Beat fans,

We wanted to thank all of you who took part in our *first ever* Twitter Q&A on 24th November via our Official Twitter account: @TheEnglishBeat, using the hashtag #AskDaveWakeling.

ask dave

The event was a huge success, we got loads of questions and although we were only scheduled to do a thirty minute session…you know Dave, he loves talking to you lot…we went way over and ended up answering questions for nearly an hour!!

Dave and I both had a lot of fun doing the Q&A and we hope you had as much fun asking questions, reading other people’s questions and reading Dave’s answers! The topics ranged from the practical (How do you choose a set list?) to the philosophical (What is your favourite Beat or GP song?) to the downright bizarre (Which would you rather face: 1 Horse-sized Duck or 100 Duck-sized Horses?)…and we loved every minute of it!!

If we didn’t answer your question, don’t despair, there’s a good chance we might answer it on the next installment of #AskDaveWakeling!!

Finally, for those of you who were not able to attend or who do not have access to Twitter…or if you just want to read all the Q’s and A’s in one place, attached here is the full transcript of the event:24th November #AskDaveWakeling Transcript to download and enjoy!!


The Beat

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