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Here We Go UK Loves!! 2016 UK Tour Kicks Off!!

Hey Beat fans,

It’s that time of the year again, where the California based Beat packs up the trust VOX teardrop guitar, and takes a trip across the pond, back home to the UK for a bit of ladding about the countryside & skankin’ to The Beat!!


Join us do, it’s bound to be a great time as you are lovingly serenaded by the man behind the songs, the croon that’ll make you swoon, the songwriter extraordinaire, the original voice of The Beat….the one and the only KING OF SKA —->
*** D A V E * W A K E L I N G ***

He’ll leave nothing on the pitch as he belts out timeless classics he penned from The Beat & General Public, and introduces you to the new songs from the forthcoming album “HERE WE GO LOVE”!!

If you’d kindly come join us with a song in your heart and a shuffle in your step, Dave will supply the dulcet tones and a mischievous twinkle in the eye to get the party started!! It’s bound to be a magical tour if we all come together as one, for some ska-tastic fun!!

Rudies come forward…for THE BEAT 2016 Stylee!!

We look forward to seeing you on tour!!


The Beat

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