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New Live Shows in California!

Hey Beat fans,

We are totally excited to announce our first, post-pandemic Southern California shows! Stay healthy and let’s work as a team till then, so we don’t screw this up! Looking forward to seeing you skankin on the dance floor So, Cal!

-Dave W.

All the best,

The Beat

8 thoughts on “New Live Shows in California!

  1. Where can I purchase tickets for the Newport Beach shows?

    • Any updates on where to get tix for the Tiki Bar shows – nothing on the Tiki Bar website {?}

      • First Nor Ca; gig is at the CORNERSTORE, Berkeley, Ca on 10/2/21.

  2. Dallas, Texas eagerly awaits your return! Dallas LOVES The Beat!

  3. Dave, I’d like to apologize for how things turned out with the 30th Anniversary Tour. I lost a car with you remember? Parking at the clubhouse like you suggested. Anyhow, it’s the past and I’m committed to keeping the Beats music alive. I’d like to join you for this year’s tour of the states if you can find it in your heart to let by gones be by gones, let me know.

    Best of luck with everything and I thank you for the times we had.

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