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The Veronica Mars Movie Project – Last 24 Hours!

Hey Beat fans.  There’s been a lot of emotion stirred up around here lately due to the death of Margaret Thatcher. Bringing up the memories of living under heavy manners bring I-man down, ya know? So, now for something completely different..

Ok, today I bring you news about a scrappy, high energy, entertainment juggernaut…no not The Beat, this time it’s Veronica Mars!

For those of you not familiar (c’mon you know you’ve heard of it!) with Veronia Mars, she was the strong, winsome heroine of her own eponymously named teen detective/crime procedural/film noir set in the fictional town of Neptune, CA, which aired from 2004 to 2007 on UPN/The CW.  The series showcased the enormously talented and comely Kristin Bell as the tireless seeker of truth and teen angst sufferer, Veronica.

Well, a few years ago the silly folx @The CW decided they no longer needed a sassy,  forthright, intelligent young female Private Investigator in their line-up…and cancelled the show.  Fans mourned, show creator Rob Thomas cursed the fickle fates, and Kristin went on to become an even bigger movie and tv star, but she always had a hankering to get her Veronica Mars back on

Fast forward to the wonderful world of today wherein Internets have provided the collective Veronica Mars-consciousness (channeled flawlessly by creative genius Rob) with the ability to make our Neptune-inspired dreams come true!  A little shy of a month ago Rob Thomas set up a Kickstarter campaign: The Veronica Mars Movie Project.

His goal: making a VM movie a reality for the fans.

Since it started, the project has completely surprised and stunned Hollywood with it’s Veronica Mar’s style kick-butt, can-do attitude (stun gun anyone?) – overwhelming expectations and smashing through one record after another.  It only goes to show that Kristin and Rob knew all along: the fans were and have been invested in the quality story-telling that was Veronica Mars, and it ended too soon and we want more. Rob started with the lofty goal of $2M, and we the fans have spoken by providing Rob, Kristen and the gang with two and a half times that much, $5M to date, to make us an amazing movie!

Now we’re coming down to the last 24 hours and want to make this the most funded single Kickstarter campaign ever, and we need your help!  You can join in for as little as $1, or as much as you want! You can help this be the best movie they can make and show the entertainment industry what we really want: not just reality tv and talent shows, but honest, intelligent entertainment that does not talk down to or insult its audience, entertainment with heart – and that’s a hell of a lot of fun to boot!  Just like The Beat’s music!!

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Thank you for listening and have a great day!


p.s. The Backer gifts on this Kickstarter campaign are awesome, and amazingly good value for money!

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