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Wash your hands to The Beat!

Hey Beat fans,

We know the novel corona virus has got everyone a bit down. We hear you telling us how sad you are to miss our scheduled shows in the States and across the globe and we are sad too. We really miss playing for you!

So while we can’t be with you, we’ve got a valuable tip to help keep you safe – washing your hands to The Beat!

So scrub-a-dud, rub-a-dub and always wear your mask!!

Also, we had a bit of a tech blip as we are wont to do now and again, and the site needed updating. It was only offline for a couple hours and the problem didn’t affect anything but displaying some pix. But it’s sorted now and thank you for your patience!

Stay safe and healthy! We’ll see you soon….

The Beat

One thought on “Wash your hands to The Beat!

  1. That’s how I wash my hands. Let’s all do our part to stop covid19 and we’ll see the English Beat on tour next year. Thanks from Stateside Madness©2012-2016//©2000-2016
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